Beaver Spring 2019

Spring 2019 Term – Program of events

Please see below details of this terms scheduled planning up until Easter holidays April 2019.

Personal’ Chief Scouts Challenge Badge, ‘Creative’ and ‘Build’ Activity Badge, ‘Faith’ Activity Badge, ‘Collector’ Activity Badge, ‘Photographer’ Activity Badge and ‘Digital Citizen’ Staged Activity Badge

Creative Activity Badge  Faith Activity Badge Collector Activity Badge Photographer Activity Badge

This terms Challenges and Activities are themed on personal goals, creativity and an introduction to the technological world. We have also included something leading up to the Easter break.

There is an opportunity for all Beavers to earn six extra badges this term, and if they attend ALL sessions throughout the term then we shall ensure they achieve every one of them!

Please arrive promptly by no later than 5.55pm for registration, there is a lot to get through and we want to make every minute of our sessions count towards badge awards and tons of fun to be had.

Week 12 (April 2nd & 3rd)Faith Activity Badge

‘Faith’ Activity #4

Both Colonies will meet on their respective evenings at the Synagogue in Radlett at 5.50pm for registration, parents to collect their Beavers from this venue at 7pm. The friendly Rabbi will be giving a short tour and introduction the Jewish faith, where our Beavers will be sharing a prayer or reflection for Easter. All Beavers who attend this will earn their ‘Faith’ Activity  badge.

This will be the last meeting for this term

Week 11 (March 26th & 27th)Faith Activity Badge

‘Faith’ Activity #1 & #2

We will be discussing the purpose of next weeks visit to the Synagogue in Radlett, and the parallel between Christianity and Judism with ‘The tale of two Easters’ followed by working in lodges to write a prayer, poem or reflection of Easter. Once we have done this, each Lodge will have their Beavers reciting a part of the words each to the other lodges.

Would all parent/carers arrive by 6.50pm should they wish to see their beavers being presented with their badge awards for this term. (The ‘Faith’ badge will be presented next week)

Week 10 (March 19th & 20th)Creative Activity BadgeCollector Activity Badge

‘Personal’ Challenge #1 & #2, ‘Collector’ Activity #2 & #3 &  ‘Creative’ Activity #2 

Log chew in lodges to discuss the personal challenges set by leaders and yourselves at home.

‘Show & tell’ our Collector treasures.. Please bring in your collections this week to show each other.

Homework task to be set.. Beavers to make their own Easter card and bring in next week for #2 of the ‘Creative’ Activity. Games to follow

Week 9 (March 12th & 13th)Image result for digital citizen scout badgeCreative Activity Badge

 ‘Digital Citizen’ Staged Activity #2 & #3 of Stage 1. &  ‘Creative’ Activity #4

Bring in your prints from the homework sheets provided. We will be making collages’ from these and other media to combine the Creative and digital activities. Your imagination will need to be on full alert for this task Beavers.. Its gonna be messy and fun 🙂

Week 8 (March 5th & 6th)Photographer Activity Badge

‘Photographer’ Activity #2 & #3

Show and tell Photographer pictures.

Bring in your photographs mounted in a scrapbook showing how photographs can be used, like in the news, advertising or art.

Show 10 or more photos in this collection to the lodge, or an adult and explain why you took them, and what you liked about them.

Games to follow.

Week 7 (February 26th & 27th)Image result for digital citizen scout badgeFaith Activity Badge

‘Faith’ #3 &  ‘Digital Citizen’ #1

We will play a brand new game ‘The Computer game’, learning about a computer, its components, and having fun too. Using your new skills, run like crazy collecting all the pieces to get virtually online! Beavers will also share their ‘Doing our best’ homework to everyone else.


Tues 19th & Weds 20st February

Half term, no meeting this week. See you back on 26th & 27th November


Week 6 (February 12th & 13th)Image result for digital citizen scout badge

‘Digital Citizen’ Staged Activity #1 of Stage 1.

Working in lodges, and as a colony, discuss ‘Staying safe online’ (Page 126 of the Badges & Awards booklet, and how to earn them) . {Remember, all staged activities carry throughout Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and explorers, and aspire to gain knowledge and skills as each level is attained}.

Beavers are invited to bring their own tablets, mobile phones, laptops or any other devices along for this session. We will be explaining about the different parts of a computer system.

Leaflets will go out explaining the requirements of how to earn stage 1 of this badge, as well as homework sheets for completion during half term ‘Doing our best’ for part 3 of the ‘Faith’ Activity in readiness for the 2nd half of the Spring term.

Week 5 (February 5th & 6th)Creative Activity Badge

‘Creative’ Activity #1 

[Do a performance] Working as a Colony, learn to play our newly made instruments along to the beat of a song. Our pop stars, The LCB’s (London Colney Beavers) will delight our parents and carers as they show off their star quality. Please be sure to arrive at 6.45 for the performance 😉

Week 4 (January 29th & 30th)Creative Activity Badge

‘Creative’ Activity #3, ‘Build’ Activity 

Construct something. Work in lodges to construct our own musical instruments using recycled materials such as cartons, tins ,boxes, string, elastic, tubes, surplus dry pasta or rice.. (Use your imagination) ready to be played next week in a performance for the parents and carers of our talented Beaver Scouts!


Week 3 (January 22nd & 23rd)Photographer Activity Badge

‘Photographer’ Activity #1

Log chew to discuss the ‘Photographer’ activity. We will explain some tips in how to capture the best pictures possible using skill and creativity. Leaflets will be given out for this activity requirements.

An advance notice will be made of materials needed to be brought in next week for our ‘Creative’ activity on making a musical instrument. Swim-up Beavers to Cubs. Games to follow if time allows.


Week 2 (January 15th & 16th)Collector Activity Badge 

‘Collector’ Activity #1

Log chew to discuss the ‘Collector’ activity, and what we are likely to collect ready to show & share later on. Plus, working in Lodges we will set our Beavers their ‘Personal challenges’.  Home learn leaflets will be given out to explain the requirements and how to earn both badges.

Week 1 (January 8th & 9th)

‘Personal’ Challenge … setting goals.

Welcome back and a happy new years to all. Also, welcome to our new ‘Beavers in training’ who have just started the exiting journey into Scouting. A short discussion about this terms planning, setting goals for the ‘Personal’ Challenge, and then some fun and games.