Cub Core badges

Membership Award

How to earn your badge

  1. Find out about the Cub Pack:
    • Get to know the other members and leaders in your Six and Pack.
    • Find out about the ceremonies and traditions in your Pack.
    • Find out about the activities that your Pack does.
  2. Find out about joining your Pack:
    • Learn and understand the Cub Scout Promise and Law. Find out what the rules are in our Pack.
    • Learn and understand the Cub Scout Motto, Sign, Salute and Handshake.
    • Find out what to do at your Investiture.
    • Find out the meanings of the badges you will receive.
    • Show that you know about the family of Scouts, worldwide  Scouting and the history of Scouting.
  3. Become a Cub Scout by making the Promise.

Joining In Award

How to earn your badge

The badges are numbered, so you can be awarded a new badge every 12 months from your very first day in Scouting. If you were a member in another section, the badge numbers carry on from the ones you already have.

These badges aren’t just for Cubs. They recognise how long you have been part of Scouting in total.

You can be awarded up to three Joining In Awards while you’re a Cub.

Moving On Award (Cubs to Scouts)

You can earn your Moving on Award when you move from Cubs to Scouts.

How to earn your badge

  1. Go to both Cubs and Scouts for at least three weeks. Take part in the Troop programme.
  2. Work for your Scout Membership Award at the same time.

Sixers and Seconders

Sixer / Seconder Leadership Stripes

How to earn your badge:

A Cub Pack is usually organised into small groups called Sixes, each headed up by a Sixer, and often with a Seconder as well.

Sixers and Seconders wear leadership stripes to recognise their roles.