Cub Challenge Awards

Chief Scout’s Silver Award

How to earn your award

  1. Earn six activity or staged activity badges of your choice. They could  be badges you gain outside of your normal meetings or ones you’ve worked towards at meetings.
  2. Finish the seven challenge awards. They are:
    • Our World Challenge Award
    • Our Skills Challenge Award
    • Our Outdoors Challenge Award
    • Our Adventure Challenge Award
    • Teamwork Challenge Award
    • Team Leader Challenge Award
    • Personal Challenge Award.

Our Adventure Challenge Award

How to earn your award

  1. Take part in two different adventurous activities. At least one of them should be new to you. You could try:
    • crate stacking
    • caving
    • abseiling
    • grass sledging
    • mountain boarding
    • bouldering
    • rafting.
  2. Take part in six other outdoor activities. At least two of them should be new to you. You could try:
    • flying a kite you have made
    • making and lighting a fire
    • following a blind trail
    • making a hot air balloon and flying it
    • making a ballista
    • playing some water games
    • going on an obstacle course
    • tracking.
  3. Go on a hike or follow a trail. Try to walk for about 1-2 hours.
  4. Prepare for your activities and hikes. Find out what you need to wear and bring, and pack your own bag. You will need to know what you have with you, and remember everything you need.

Our Outdoors Challenge Award

How to earn your award

  1. Take an active part in at least three nights away, on camps or Pack holidays.
  2. While you’re away, work with other Cubs to do all of these tasks:
    • help to pitch and strike your tent
    • show that you know how to look after yourself and be safe at camp
    • show that you know how to keep your tent and kit safe, tidy and secure
    • cook a meal with your Six
    • build a shelter big enough for two Cubs
    • using bamboos canes, rubber bands or simple lashings complete a simple pioneering project or make a camp gadget
    • learn and follow the Countryside Code
    • show you know what things you need to do to look after your campsite, and that you can put them into practise
    • show that you know how to treat mild burns, scalds, cuts or grazes and make a call to the emergency services.
  3. While you’re away, do at least two of these tasks as well:
    • take part in a wide game
    • take part in a campfire sing-along or other entertainment
    • cook a backwoods meal
    • build a bivouac and sleep in it
    • care for your personal equipment while at camp
    • using knots that you’ve learned, make a simple camp gadget, like a flagpole.

Our Skills Challenge Award

How to earn your award

  1. Try two new sports or physical activities at least once. You could try:
    • tennis
    • dance
    • basketball
    • tai chi.
  2. Take part in three activities to help you be healthy, like:
    • healthy eating
    • exercise
    • learning how the human body works
    • another activity agreed with your leader.
  3. Pick two creative things to try, and show your leader what you’ve done. You could:
    • write a short story
    • make a model
    • take some photos and use them to tell a story
    • be part of a play or sketch.
  4. Learn and use at least four of these skills:
    • sew on a button or badge
    • make cakes, bread, biscuits or something similar
    • oil a bicycle chain, change a wheel or fit lights
    • make a cup of tea or coffee, then wash up afterwards
    • lay a table for a meal
    • peel potatoes or other vegetables
    • iron your scarf
    • change a lightbulb, in a table or standard lamp
    • clean a window
    • tidy and clean your bedroom
    • another similar home skill agreed with your leader.
  5. Take part in at least two problem solving activities that you haven’t done before. It should be something that you need to think creatively for. As part of the activity you need to say what you found difficult, what you did to solve the problem, and why.

Our World Challenge Award

How to earn your award

  1. Make a list of the services for people in your local area. Find out a bit about them, and visit one if possible.
  2. Work with people or an organisation from a community. Take the chance to find an issue that your Pack could help with. It should be something that helps people and also helps you grow as a person. Plan and carry out the project with your Pack and others in the community. Then share what you learned from the activity with other people. Talk about how it helped other people and what you will do with the skills and experiences you have gained.
  3. Take part in an act of worship, reflection or celebration.
  4. Find out about a faith or culture other than your own. You could visit places of worship or ceremony.
  5. Talk about a time when you did your best. Explain how you have kept your Cub Promise and the Law.
  6. Take part in an activity about the environment.
  7. Try a game played by Cubs in a different country, and learn their Promise.
  8. Celebrate a festival from another country. You might make (and eat!) some special food, make something relating to the festival or visit somewhere special.

Personal Challenge Award

How to earn your award

You need to complete two personal challenges that you agree with your leader. You should choose one of the challenges. Your leader will choose the other.

The challenges must be different to the ones that you did for your Beaver Personal Challenge Award.

Team Leader Challenge Award

How to earn your award

Once you have done the Teamwork Challenge Award, you can do your Team Leader Challenge Award. Then you need to earn your Team Leader Challenge Award by doing these tasks over at least three months.

  1. Lead your Six in an activity or captain a team.
  2. Help a new Cub to join in with the Pack meeting.
  3. Teach another Cub a new skill.
  4. Ask your Six or team what they want to do in Cubs, tell your leaders and help to make sure that it happens

Teamwork Challenge Award

How to earn your award

  1. Take part in at least six different team games with other Cubs.
  2. Show your leaders what you did to help your team, and how you were a good team player.
  3. Give examples of two different types of teams, and roles in those teams.
  4. Complete at least two teambuilding activities with other Cubs
  5. Take part in at least two Pack forums or something similar, and make a contribution that will be positive for your Pack.

For this award, you need to do these tasks over at least three months.