Beaver Winter 2017

Winter 2017 Term – Program of events

This term the Beavers will be working towards their My World Challenge Badge and their Global Issues, Hobbies and Creative Activity Badges.

     Global Issues Activity Badge     Hobbies Activity Badge     Creative Activity Badge

Week 14 – 12th/13th December

Our last meeting of the year, making Christmas cards and/or decorations, Badge awards, Carol singing to our parents and carers last thing with some warm mince pies to enjoy as part of our English tradition.



Week 13 – 05th/06th December

A quick reflection of last weeks fun events at Quasar, and practice some Christmas carols singing our hearts out in readiness for next week’s performance.  We will also be learning a Beaver Scout promise in another language, or maybe a festive season celebration from another Country.



and Games…..

Week 12 – 29th November                                  

Quaser Fun Night – As a special treat, this week we will be meeting both Colony’s at Quaser in Hemel Hempstead.   179 Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead HP1 1BB at 6:00pm

Collection at 7:00pm – this is a treat for the Beavers all paid for by the Group so no need to bring any money for the event.


Week 11 – 21st/22nd November                                  

Emergency Aid Activity (Stage 1 & 2) – Explain to your leaders or another adult about;

  • The importance of getting help,
  • What to say if you call 999 / 101,
  • Helping someone who is unconscious,
  • Helping someone who is bleeding,
  • Reassuring someone at the scene of an emergency,

and Games…..

Week 10 – 14th/15th November                                  

Imagination – Log chew to show and share, what hobbies we took part in and stuck with, bring in your homework activity sheets, the skills we have learnt and what we enjoyed about doing them.

Working in lodges, draw a picture of how we think the world, might look like in 100 years from now.

and Games…..

Sunday 12th November – Remembrance Day Parade           

This Sunday, our Beavers will be joining the Cubs, Scouts and Explores for the Annual Remembrance Day Ceremony, along with others.


Please can you meet up at the Caledon Club at 9.45am in FULL SMART UNIFORM. Can you please make sure that your scarves are rolled, shirts are tucked in and please wear smart shoes. Obviously dress for the weather and wear layers under your uniform if it is cold. I would like the whole Group to hang around after the parade for about 10 minutes as this will be an ideal opportunity to have a Group photo.

Week 09 – 07th/08th November                                  

Night Hike!  Christmas Shoe Box Pilgrimage. (Bring a torch)  Please arrive at the hut no later then 17:50, we will be hiking to St Peters Church immediately after registration at 18:00.  Please also remember to bring along your contribution for the worthwhile cause to help children less fortunate celebrate Christmas somewhere in the world.

Parents/Carers to collect their children from St Peters Church at 19:00

Saturday 04th November – Odysey Cinema                

Movie Magic day! For those Beavers who have a place reserved, we will me meeting at Iceland in St Albans at 10am and then head down to the Odysey Cinema which has been allocated especially for St Albans Beaver Scouts.

The Venue will be showing “A Bugs Life”


Week 08 – 31st/01st November                                  

As part of the English tradition, we will be celebrating ‘Halloween and Bonfire night.

Beavers can ware scary or ‘Guy’ outfits (NON FLAMMABLE) if they wish and / or come with face paint, (please still wear your scarf), and we will be having some sparklers and maybe a small bonfire if weather permits later in the evening.



As part of this badge level we will learn about Guy Fawkes.  We will be discussing our annual Christmas Shoe Box collection in a readiness for next week.  We will ask every Beaver to bring their contributions next week to put into the Christmas Boxes which will be distributed overseas as part of a worldwide project.

and Games…..

                       HALF TERM – 24th/25th October                        NO BEAVERS THIS WEEK

Week 07 – 17th/18th October   



This week the Beavers will be meeting men and women who serve our community, the Beavers will have sole full access to the Station and will be tough about the Fire Engines and Equipment as well as possibly have a go too.


Week 06 – 10th/11th October                                               

Endangered Animals – From the homework done from last week our Beavers will be making their own zoo of Endangered Animals and understating what and who is causing them to be Endangered, as well as what we can all do to help….

and Games…..

Week 05 – 03rd/04th October                   

Room Service Please – While we still have a bit of light before the Autumn draws in the Beavers this week will be out in the compound making a Bug Hotel and going on a mini beast hunt for residents.

Whilst out some the fallen Autumn leaves will be collected  to make leaf prints, (working towards the Creative Activity Badge)

and Games……

Week 04 – 26th/27th September                                    

Fair Trade is the name of the Game – this week the Beaver will be exploring what it means to buy Fair Trade, with some special fair trade products to taste and try, yum yum…..


above. the beavers tucking into their Fair Trade Chocolate and Bananas

Our newest Beavers will getting Invested this week


and Games…..

Week 03 – 19th/20th September                                 

Don’t forget to put the bins out –  for part of Global Issues Activity Badge, the beaver this week will be learning about recycling waste and the cycle of water, their will be fun games and activities to help them learn what we can do to reduce our house hold waste and recycle more.


They will also be making a water filtration devise to understand how dirty water can be cleaned and reused.


Plus some of our older Beavers will be swimming up to Cubs,


and Games…..

Week 02 – 12th/13th September                                

Whats your Hobby? – this week the Beavers will be having a “log chew” about what hobbies they all do and what hobbies they want to do to earn their activity badge.

and Games…..

Week 01 – 5th/06th September

Welcome Back Beavers – This week we will be covering the Beaver rules, behaviour and expectations.  This will involve relearning our Beaver Scout Promise and Moto.

and Games…..