Beaver Winter 2019

Winter 2019 Term – Program of events

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Week 15 (17th & 18th December)

My World #3, part 3.  ‘Creative’ Activity #1 & #2 (perform & Craft)

Our last meeting of the year, making Christmas cards and/or decorations, Badge awards, Carol singing to our parents & carers last thing with some warm mince pies to enjoy as part of our English traditions.

Week 14 (10th & 11th December)

Food bank hike, ‘My World’ Challenge #2, Hikes Away.

We will be having another hike this evening, along to the Baptist church this time, and we are asking Beavers where possible to bring along a food item to help boost the food bank supplies, this is a very important community resource … especially at this time of the year! (Bring a torch!)

Week 13 (3rd & 4th December)

‘My World #7.

A quick reflection of last week’s surprise fun event, and practice some Christmas carols singing our hearts out in readiness for the last week’s performance… followed by lots of games

Christmas lights switch on event Saturday 1st December, London Colney High Road.

We are looking for some little Beavers with big voices to sing along with some carols, please speak to your leaders if this is something you would like to get involved with.

Week 12 (26th & 27th November)

Surprise evening. to be confirmed

We will be arranging a special surprise event, more details to follow once planned.

This will be away from the hut and all parents will need to deliver and collect their Beavers from the venue.

Week 11 (19th & 20th November)

‘Hobbies’ Activity #3, ‘Creative’ Activity #4 (Imagination)

Log chew to ‘Show & Share’ what hobbies we took part in and stuck with (Bring in your homework sheets), the skills we have learnt, and what we enjoyed about doing them.

Working in Lodges, draw a picture of how we think the world might look in 100 years from now.

Week 10 (12th & 13th November)

Computer taster session night (Digital maker)

For the first time ever, we will be looking to earn a new badge.

A computer expert will be attending to teach you some new skills, and introduce you to a new workshop that is starting up in the local area.

Sunday 10th November

‘My World’ #3, part 2 & #4.Remembrance Sunday.

Remembrance Sunday.

This Sunday, our Beavers will be joining the Cubs, Scouts and Explorers for the Annual Remembrance Day Ceremony, along with the British legion, Brownies and Rainbows. Further details about this event will be issued in advance. Please ensure that your Beaver attends this mandatory event.

Week 9 (5th & 6th November)


This week, we will be meeting LATER THAN NORMAL at the fire station, London Road at 6.50pm sharp for registration!

After registration, we will have our very own fireman teaching us about the fire engines and equipment, and then maybe take a trip into the ‘Danger Den’ inside the compound, or even get to spray a real fire hose!

Parents/ Carers, please note that Beavers to be collected at 8PM this week from the fire stn.


29th & 30th October – Half Term. No meetings this week. (Maybe see you at the firework display)


Week 8 (22nd & 23rd October)

‘My World’ Challenge #2

Hike night! Christmas shoe box pilgrimage. (Bring a torch.) Please arrive at the hut no later than 5.50pm, we will be hiking to St Peters church immediately after registration at 6pm. Please also remember to bring along your contributions for this worthwhile cause to help children less fortunate children celebrate Christmas somewhere in the world. Parents/Carers to collect their children from St Peters church at 7pm.

(Ps; Reminder to parents about bucket shake for firework display 0n Sunday 3rd November.)


Week 7 (15th & 16th October)

‘My World #6, parts 2&3. Creative Activity #3 (Construct)

This week, we will be busy Beavers making our very own ‘Mini Beast Hotel’, and later on next term we can explore and discover how many mini beasts have moved in.

Please bring your torches this week, as we will also be searching for some autumn leaves to make leaf prints from.

We will be discussing our annual ‘Christmas Shoe Box’ hike in readiness for 5th & 6th November.

We would ask every beaver to bring their contributions on the first meeting back just after half term to put into the Christmas boxes which will be distributed overseas as part of a worldwide project.

Move Magic

Saturday 12th October

Movie magic day! For those Beavers who have a place reserved, we will be meeting at Iceland in St Albans at 10am and then head down to the Odyssey cinema which has been allocated especially for St Albans Beaver Scouts. Places are limited, and available on a first come first served basis.

As always, the selected movie is being kept top secret…. Further details to follow.

Week 6 (8th & 9th October)

‘Global’ Activity #3. Hobbies Activity #1

‘Show & share’ homework sheets from last week, and working in Lodges create a zoo of endangered animals making a collage from the pictures that you have brought with you.

We will also be issuing homework sheets for the ‘Hobbies’ activity to be run over a six-week period, and a ‘Log chew’ to discuss what defines a hobby and how to challenge ourselves. these are generally non-competitive and for leisure only. Choose which one you will do!

Some of these include arts & crafts, reading, knitting, sewing, horse riding, puzzles, skipping, Lego models, creative, writing, poetry, make an ‘Air fix model, or even build something from matchsticks!

Week 5 (1st & 2nd October)

Emergency Aid Activity (Stage 1)

Explain to your leader or another adult about. The importance of getting help.; What to say if you call 999.; Helping someone who is unconscious.; Helping someone who is bleeding.; Reassuring someone at the scene of an emergency. We will be provoking your thoughts 😉

Homework sheets will be issued for ‘Discover at least one endangered animal’, to be brought in next week along with a picture of it.

Week 4 (24th & 25th September)

‘Global’ Activity #2

We will be investing our new Beavers who have attended four meetings and have earned their Beaver membership award.

‘Show & share’ homework sheets ‘Keeping a diary’ of recycling and energy saving.

We will be learning about ‘Fairtrade’, and what the benefits are in our world.

As a yummy treat, we will enjoy some Fairtrade bananas and melted chocolate. Mmmm

Week 3 (17th & 18th September)

‘My World #6, part 1. ‘Global’ Activity #1 & #4.

Beaver Scouts who are aged 8 will be ‘Swum-up’ to Cub Scouts having attended three taster sessions. Even more exiting challenges and adventures to come 🙂

‘Show and share’ how you did your best, and keeping your Beaver promise homework sheets.

Further homework sheets will be issued this week, ‘Keeping a diary’ for one week to show how you recycled and helped to save energy at home. We will be having a ‘Log chew’ to discuss this.

Working in Lodges, we will be learning how to make a water filter from a water bottle, sand, pebbles and paper.

Week 2 (10th & 11th September)

‘My World’ Challenge #5, #7.

Learn some Beaver Scout promises from other countries.

We will be issuing homework sheets for our Beavers to show ‘How they kept their promise, did their best, and loved our world’

Week 1 (3rd & 4th September)

‘My World’ Challenge #5

Welcome back Beavers, and say hi to some new Beavers in training.

This week we will be covering Beaver rules, behaviour and expectations.

We will also be re-learning our Beaver Scout promise & motto, and understanding what the promise means.