How to Roll a Flag


Hold the flag taut. This can be done with as few as two people. One person should stand at one side, near the heading, while the other stands at the other side.

  • The “heading” refers to the portion of the flag that connects to the pole.
  • The face of the flag should be parallel to the ground.


Fold the flag in half lengthwise. Both participants should fold the bottom edge of the flag under so that it meets with the top edge.

  • The bottom and top edges should be evenly aligned.
  • The center stripe extending from one side to the other should now be halved and at the new bottom, folded edge.


Fold the flag into quarters. Make another lengthwise fold, bringing the new bottom edge up to meet the top edge of the flag.

  • The edges should be evenly aligned.
  • The half of the center stripe previously facing the ground should now face the top. This center stripe half should be the new top edge


Bring up the bottom third of the length. The person holding the side furthest from the heading should make a width wise fold that shortens a third of the length.

  • Fold the edge up and inward.
  • Keep the flag taut as you fold.


Roll the remaining length up to the heading. Starting from the newest folded edge, the person not holding the heading should roll up the flag until the entire remaining length is rolled.

  • Roll tightly so that the flag will maintain its shape after tied and will not unravel or come undone as it sits.


Tie together with light cotton. Tie a slip knot using light cotton twine to bind the folded and rolled flag together, keeping it in this form until you are ready for the breaking ceremony.

  • During the breaking ceremony, the knot will be released and the flag will unfurl on its own.