The Tesco Eat Happy Team is delighted to have embarked upon a very exciting partnership with The Scout Association. Tesco wants to embrace Scouts’ remarkable desire to experience new things, work outside of their comfort zone and explore every adventure they can.

Tesco are inviting Beavers and Cubs to spend some time with a Farm to Fork Trail Guide in one of Tesco’s stores for a bespoke Farm to Fork Trail, to gain hands on experience to learn all about where their food comes from.

Beavers and Cubs get to see behind the scenes of a Tesco bakery, taste some different types of cheese and learn how to gut a fish. There will also be fun and engaging activities to support your Beavers and Cubs on their Farm to Fork food discovery journey.

To make the experience even more exciting, a badge will be awarded to those who take part in a Farm to Fork food adventure.

Get Trailing!

To book your Beavers or Cubs on a trail, register at The Tesco Eat Happy Project website. You can then search for your local Tesco store. Just enter your postcode on the Farm to Fork page to see what’s nearby and then request a visit. You will be contacted by your local Farm to Fork Trail Guide who will arrange for your Beavers or Cubs to come into store for a food adventure.

Scouts Food Trail 13

After the Farm to Fork Trail, your group can take away an activity to explore at home.

Take a look: Explore the kitchen

Explore the kitchen (Welsh version)

Activities to try:

Create a classic campfire treat with our delicious dampers recipe.

Play a fun fruity game from February’s Get Active using the Where does it grow? Activity resources below.

Beavers: Where does it grow? Activity sheet  (Leaders notes)

Cubs: Where does it grow? Activity sheet  (Leaders notes) 

Check out the Design a festive feast activity from December’s Get Active

Hints and tips

Strawberry fun facts

Pineapple fun facts 

Safe chopping advice

Looking for fun and free summer activities you can do together?

Tesco ECRM_Scoutsjpg

Let’s Cookalong is the exciting new series of online cooking videos from The Tesco Eat Happy Project, in partnership with the Children’s Food Trust. You can cook along to our videos at a time that is most convenient for you – like those inevitable rainy days!

Our themed videos will help you and your children get cooking together in the kitchen, learning about foods from around the world, and plenty from closer to home. We’ll also have free resources and activities that you can download any time.

So wash your hands and pop on your aprons, and Let’s Cookalong!

Keep in touch

Share your Farm to Fork experiences and photos online by tweeting @UKScouting @EatHappyProject using the hashtag #scouttrails or #LetsCookalong

‘We visited our local Tesco store in Plymouth where we were warmly greeted by the Community Services Assistant Jan. After donning our white hats, we were taken on our special behind the scenes tour of the bakery, where we saw how the jam was put into the doughnuts and how bread rolls are produced. The whole area smelt absolutely delicious!

At the fruit and veg aisle, we had to hunt got items that grew in the ground, on a tree or on a vine or bush. We got to try some of the exotic fruits too.

We headed to the refrigeration areas and after just 1 minute in the -24 freezer, our noses were red and we were all jumping around to try and stay warm. Brr! Our last two counters were the fish and the cheese. We held a sprat fish, poked a trout in the mouth, and squeezed a squid and held langoustine. The poor crab on the counter was so overwhelmed his claws dropped off.

At the end of the trail Jan handed us a Beaver goody bag with the Farm to Fork badge, which as Jan pointed out, can only be awarded if we took part in the trail. Overall, it was an excellent trip!’

29th Plymouth Scouts Group Beavers, March 2015

The Tesco Eat Happy Project

The Eat Happy Project is Tesco’s long-term commitment to help children have a healthier and happier relationship with food.

To make this change, Tesco is working to give young people the tools they need to live a healthy life and make better decisions about what they put on their plates. To find out more, visit tesco.com/eathappyproject.

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